Endangered Sea Animals


Manatees are peaceful, slow-moving creatures. They have the nick name Sea Cow. Most live under the sea of Florida. Why are they endangered? Manatees worst enemy are motorboats. Manatees are okay to be swimming near humans, but are to slow to get away from the boat in time! :(


Animals everywhere are carelessly killed without a thought. Dolphins have been victims for years. For some reason, tuna like to swim near dolphins. In 1987, 115,000 dolphins were drowned when they were caught in tuna fishing nets. Thankfully, people boycotting the tuna industry, several of the world's biggest tuna companies are finding other ways to catch tuna. When buying tuna, remember to make sure its dolphin safe. ;)

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are impressive, gentle, peaceful, graceful animals of the sea. They are a impressive species with beauty and stature. Their are many reasons for the sea turtles to be endangered. For one, a plastic bag. Say a person just drops a plastic bag onto the street not thinking. TRASH TRAVELS! It is most likely to wash up in the ocean. What happens next? A plastic bag will look like a jellyfish in the water. The jellyfish is the sea turtle's favorite snack. The sea turtle will choke and suffocate on the plastic bag. Another reason is a natural reason. A sea turtle lays it eggs in the sand. When the eggs hatch, it is a long journey for the baby sea turtles to reach the water. Some might not make it, or some might be eaten.

Note: Remember the oil spill a while back? Well everyone seemed to forget about it. It still needs to be cleaned up and it will take years. What can you do? You can volunteer to clean up beaches, or donate your hair and they will wad it up and it will soak up most of the oil! Or you can donate to the oil spill cause. :)